Sunday, 26 June 2011

Music is Everywhere

I did this for my self-initiated unit in college and was rather chuffed with it. It was entered into the Craftex exhibition a few weeks ago as well as being in my end of year show, so it's been around a bit but is now sitting in my spare room looking at me.

I wanted to do an image that could be used to promote the smaller music venues in Glasgow - because there's hundreds and loads of them are amazing. The bigger ones like the SECC get all the hype but the smaller ones are more fun. I feel like I don't take advantage of living in such a brilliant city. So I wanted this poster to show a big clump of venues all running into each other and overlapping, like a really confused map.

I cycled around Glasgow taking photos of loads of venues and doing basic sketches of them. There were loads I missed out obviously, but I just picked ones I liked, had been to myself and liked the look of.

So then I drew it all up on an A1 piece of card and cut it out by hand. It took about 3 days I think. And many blades and much swearing. Here are some details:

If you want to buy an A3 print of this please get in touch. Or even the original if you'd like.

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